The idea of ​​SCOREDIS Communication and Promotion came, in December 2004, when we noticed that in Africa, a company of commercial representation could provide services in the field of communication and advertising of various products.

We looked at what was being done and we saw that it was just a change in the way things were done. Therefore, I wanted to change my mind by deciding to provide a service adapted to the system of commercial life and taking, at our level, very professional measures.

We promote your products in stores, commercial sites, public places, and different regions of the country; publishing your products through advertising billboards and bus shelters and other means of communication to publicize your products.

SCOREDIS is a commercial company that offers services in sectors dedicated to the good marketing of your products. SCOREDIS relies on cutting-edge know-how in communication consulting - advertising, graphic design, marketing, press relations! It has interlocutors who know the African market well and quickly understand the needs of customers, going to the basics!

A service where we are seduced by the system of representation, marketing, distribution and communication, facing an experienced team.
SCOREDIS brings together several people specialized in appropriate fields, who share the same convictions and constitute a team mobilized on a reflection upstream to define a strategy adapted to the needs of its customers.

Through this mix of talents and personalities, our clients benefit from the know-how of a united team.
The trust of our customers through long-term references testifies to the results obtained and the pleasure of working together.